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Agora Dokumentation

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Digital Library System

The Agora was a place of gathering in ancient Greece, a place where public life took place, market was held, where information, opinions and experiences were exchanged.

Nowadays, the real market has been replaced in many areas by the virtual market, the internet. Real business is already being transacted on this virtual market via E-Business.

But in the same matter as in the ancient public only those were attracting interest who were able to handle means of communication, it is essential, under condition of the internet, to transform the chaotic plentitude of information into profound knowledge and ability to act.
Our Agora system is regarded as an instrument to stucture and to present complex digital information for the internet 'market'.

As the system is modularly and flexibly structured, it uses modern internet technologies and web standards.
  • Java
  • XML
  • HTML

Because of Agora is an open system, it allows the entrance to multiple fields of application. Business companies, libraries, publishing houses, archives - all institutions which keep complex content and want to give access to the public, Agora will help to present your multimedia documents - texts, facsimles, audios and videos. With Agora, also a complete workflow can be mapped, from ‚raw‘ digitisation, to the image processing and structured preparation of metadata and full texts, up to web presentations. Several tools and program components ensure these processes, which, together, result in a complete solution.
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